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Merchandise Development

We provide total and customised solutions to meet your communication and design needs.

Our creativity is focused on merchandising your brand, not just branding your merchandise.

Our solutions ensures you will have only one point of contact for all your requirements, negating challenges such as a lack of accountability, delay in transactions, increased project cost, and many others encountered in managing multiple suppliers simultaneously.

Brand (Audit & GUidelines)

We will develop a Brand guideline to do more than mark out rules and regulations but tell your brand’s story, engage emotion, translating them to every item that carries its name.

The guidelines set the parameters of the look and feel of your Brand, making rules flexible enough to be creative but rigid enough to keep your Brand recognisable.

Occasionally, we may need to introduce possible brand assets because we want the brand to breath, grow and extend across the entire range of products to intensify variety, excitement and interest. These assets could consist of Icons, Mascot, Patterns, Flag, Typography, and Graphics.

Storyboard & Selection

We will craft multiple storyboards based on your merchandising needs, whether it be for Corporate, Promotional, or as Gifts.

Once presented with the storyboards, you may select the merchandising range that you require, as well as the packaging that comes with it.

Merchandise Sourcing & Production

Once product designs are approved, we begin sourcing the products or materials. Majority of our manufacturers are in Asia – China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.

Upon selecting manufacturers based on quality and experience, we begin building your range of product samples. Depending on your samples approvals, we will continually adjust the timeline and delivery plan, highlighting any risks or issues, ensuring your expectations are always met and to be mindful of your objectives.

Our quality assurance process follows all stages of production and will call out any sub-standard product.

Your approval process throughout will be pain free, with all documents prepared in advance, this measure protects the intellectual property of your brand, ensure all assets are reproduced accurately.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Managing your logistics – includes moving, handling and storage of goods, services, information and financial assets. This is a simple, streamlined documentation process with a single liability system.

Our prior experience internationally means we can often anticipate problems before they happen and therefore manage them.

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