Retail Management

We will work with you to identify and set up the best distribution channels to host your range of merchandise, provide your Point of Sale System and Security. This includes identifying suitable and strategic retail locations, your distribution partners and approach them on your behalf, e.g. Duty Free Stores.

Our team of builders is highly innovative and experienced in all aspects of production from creative space planning and building methodology to efficient on-site installation and technical knowledge, where we will extend quality and life to your Brand Merchandise.

Identifying Retail Channels

We will strategise and plan with you the most effective way to allow your target market and consumer groups to have access to your merchandise – physically and/or electronically.

Semi-Permanent Retail Outlets are medium term merchandising projects that run for more than a month, where they need more retail space, prominence and visibility, and heavy traffic flow, e.g. high footfall traffic malls. These are usually 6m x 6m (approx) and is most suitable for international and/or high profile events.

Mobile and/or Pop-up Retail Units provide more flexible solutions to your retail needs. They are flexible in size, mobile and a short-term solution which can be additions to your semi-permanent retail outlets to create more volume, or stand alone structures.

Digital Channels can be an important part of your comprehensive retail solution, we can plan for far-reaching access to your target and consumer groups with virtual shopping via web-based and/or application-based online purchases e.g. E-Shop.

We undertake to develop and deliver these retail distribution channels, completely installed, to host your merchandise range – from design concept to having the retail channels ready for operation on ground. We will play particular attention to your merchandise requirements and design value added retail space incorporating brand identity, aesthetics and effective display to maximize your merchandise exposure.

Consequently, we can build and produce the designed retail space that you want which best fits and is most effective for your merchandise range ensuring comprehensive retail operation and POS system, thus providing solutions to your accounting and inventory monitoring.

In the end, you want your products to be secure so we can augment your outlets with a real-time security system, complete with CCTV cameras and RF Door Scanner.