Brand Guidelines

We will develope a Brand guideline to do more than mark out rules and regulations but tell your brand’s story, engage emotion, translating them to every item that carries its name. The guidelines set the parameters of the look and feel of your Brand, making rules flexible enough to be creative for the application on all platforms and multiple merchandise but rigid enough to keep your Brand easily recognisable.

Merchandise brand guideline includes:

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Brand Values
  • Core Brand Identity
  • Additional Brand Assets
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Colours
  • Typography
  • Packaging
  • Overview with examples
  • Future information
  • Contacts

Brand Extension

Occasionally situations will call for us to bend the rules but never break them. We do so because we want the Brand to breath , grow and extend across the entire range of products to maintain variety, exictement and interest.

To create and exciting and unique range of Brand Merchandise, we may need to inroduce possible brand asset like :

  • Icons
  • Mascot
  • Patterns
  • Flag
  • Typography
  • Graphics

With these graphics and aspirations embodied in the products, they will be more appealing and attractive to your customer.