Corporate and Promotional

Nearly every event or organisation has a uniform or some form of brand that identifies their staff with the entity e.g. business cards.

In an event environment, identification of staff, volunteers and management is key for accreditations to the public.

Utilising your brand guidelines, we will build a quality wardrobe for all your staff that is both functional, smart, appropriately branded for position and flexible in its sizing.

Gifts serve many purposes. Appreciation to a VIP guest or visitor, mass giveaways for general public to promote a brand or event. Media gifts which are appropriate and relevant. Staff gifts at end of project to demonstrate gratitude for effort. The options are endless.

Your gift range can be fully scoped and planned for in advance, concepts developed, produced and delivered to your door cost effectively.

Large gifts, trinkets, customised and unique items, or mass over branded shelf items can be sourced on you rbehalf. There are no limitations on what can be developed for you and your business.

Just allows us the time to complete the best and most efficient job possible for you.