Concept Development

We are dedicated to provide total and customised solutions to meet your communication and design needs.

We are personal and flexible in our work style to develop the best understanding of your needs and give you works of exceptional quality through strategic creative and fast turn-around time.

Our aim is to be an integral formula to your success through in-depth understanding of your business, and through continuously providing you with unique total solutions.

Brand Audit

Our Creativity is focused on merchandising your brand, not just branding your merchandise. Therefore it is vital to first evaluate your current Brand guide to identify if it has been sufficiently developed to carry across the entire range of merchandise or there is a need to create more Brand assets. It is about art and application, to capture the heart and soul of your Brand through merchandise.

This will be brought to life through our design team that comprises highly innovative designers who can bring style, image and substance to all solutions. Merchandise needs to be compelling and act as a visual articulation of the spirit of your Brand where your customers will love to bring home with them.


We will develope a unique visual language that reflects the qualities of your Brand after accesing your current Brand with proper planning through creative to flawless execution.

We rally every resource to bring your Brand promise, culture and message through multiple and relevant style and range that is beyond your Core Logo in three-dimensional form. A recommendation of multiple storyboards will be proposed for your selection.

We have the ability to create trend-forward merchandise that catches the eye and stirs the imagination through our people, creativity, process and passion – that produce a unique Brand experince on time, on budget, and on Brand.